the last time I saw light and you

"Don't do this.This isn't right, Gabriel.Please."For the very first time he pleaded. He did not, ever, not even when his life was threatened, had he pleaded anyone.
Silence was his answer.He left McCree no choice." Alright then..well,I'm not taking part in this. I won't fight Jack."
"Shoot me already and you can prevent it all, Jesse. Then you can protect your dear commander Morrison."
" No, Sir." His eyes dimmed as the words floated," I cannot."
Reyes was not looking at him, but he was. His dark eyes locked on his, perhaps he should call him his former mentor. For a moment he could barely move. He couldn't speak nor blink. Something heavy and suffocating had caught him, dragging him into long dark silence. It would have taken him another ten years to understand what it was.
At last, Reyes said," Begone."
So he turned and left.

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