All the Things that are Done Under the Sun

The light, did shimmer. Once, twice, as if the beacon on the wide,twirling sea strikes into the incomer’s eyes. So bright that one may be deluded a dark night could be lightened up. The light that shown in her eyes could have lit up the sky, pierced through the thick cirrus.

It did, in fact, broken all barricades once stood in front of her, to see through the misty haze,to try to wipe away the darkness, only to find herself walked into the abyss. Already.She was there,where the light has abandoned her.

Alone she was swallowed by the everglade. Drowned. Nobody was there to get her out. Nothing was there to help. Nothing was there. Only her and the endless darkness filled each other with ghostly echoes.

She lifted her head. She spoke for no one to listen. Tears streamed down her face and weep bounced back and forth in the nameless time and space, then lost eternally among nowhere. She waited in torment until suddenly the void faded away, and sees again.

The light did no good.When the night falls, it still falls upon everyone.

She has done it all. All for nothing. Gave away the last ember to what purposes she once might serve.

All of these will never occur. The spark flared once or twice, then it dies.

She allowed herself to sink, and embraces the shadow.

She did not think anything will come out good, but also she did not think it would be so bad. She did not think she will see hundreds of thousands peasants, lives, burnt in scorching flame. She did not think she will witness what she has seen. She did not think her actions, all what she had had done to protect the world, will lead to this. She did not think she will be responsible for this massacre. That she is the one who set these livings on fire, the one who asked to hear their shrieking cries. She did not think.

Is she that awfully rotten? Has her mind lost its function? Can’t she feel those desperate calls? She can. Though her vie has long abandoned her, she still feels her mind, her souls, roaring in agony, in unextinguishable rage.

All of it are lies.

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